Becca Dom

“Even if golf seems intimidating, try it out! You might really like it!”

Rebecca Wendler

“Just go for it. It’s okay to fail because every failure is one step closer to greatness.”

Game Changer: Molly Maloney

“Sim golf for life. I’ve never been on a golf course but I love hopping in a sim and showing the 5i team how I can now make contact.”

Game Changer: Katherine Solomon

“Have fun and shake off the nerves – most people don’t really care about how you’re playing as long as you’re polite and keep up with the pace of play.”

Game Changer: Nora Dunnan

“I never played golf growing up — we didn’t belong to any clubs, my parents didn’t play, and it wasn’t something I knew anything about.”

Game Changer: Cindy Lacrosse

“A great day on the golf course is playing any course in good shape. Give me fast, smooth greens and I’m a happy camper.”