Game Changer: Nora Dunnan

1 | How and when did you first start playing golf?

I never played golf growing up — we didn’t belong to any clubs, my parents didn’t play, and it wasn’t something I knew anything about. When I started dating my now husband right after college I picked it up. His entire family plays (including his mom and sisters) so he was very used to playing with women! I feel lucky because many men out there just view it as a boys club and don’t bother teaching their wives. Good thing he did, because I’m not sure I would be a part of Five Iron (or if Five Iron would exist) had that not happened!

2 | What do you enjoy most about playing? How do you define a great day on the course?

I’m competitive (maybe too competitive). I miss playing sports and playing golf and getting out on the course is a way to be outside for a day with great company…while also competing.

3 | Tell us about your favorite or proudest golf moment:

My husband joked that he’d buy me a driver when I broke 90 (at that point I was shooting high 90s regularly and I had only been playing a few years, very infrequently). The next time we played, I shot an 89. I don’t know if I’m more proud of that or the time I beat him 🙂

4 | Have you ever encountered any barriers or had to overcome any adversity in golf?

I have two barriers to golf: work and kids, ha. I wish I could play more often than I do!

5 | Tell us about a woman or group of women who inspire you in golf, business, or your personal life:

My mom has been a great role model for me. She is a doctor and opened her own medical practice when she was young. It grew to a large practice with three locations, many doctors, and a surgery center. She loves what she does and she works very hard. We are very similar in that regard and I’m glad I grew up seeing what it looked like to truly love your career and dedicate your life to it.

6 | How would you like to see the golf industry make the game more accessible and enjoyable for women?

I don’t blame the game of golf as much as I blame the people who play it! Bring the ladies out there, make it fun! It couldn’t hurt to have more forward tees for older women, though. The old men get them! Why not the ladies?!

7 | Any tips to share with women who are new to the game?

Find friends, find people who play, and just give it a go! Don’t be embarrassed or think you have to be a great golfer to go to the course. There is no shame in picking up your ball and moving on to the next hole!

8 | Favorite Golfer:

Steph Curry, ha! I don’t watch much golf.

9 | Favorite brand for on-course golf apparel:

Women’s golf clothes need some love!

10 | Favorite golf gear or accessory:

Skirts or pants WITH POCKETS! Someone needs to tell the companies making clothes to please include pockets! We need them for golf!

11 | What’s in your bag?

3 wood
5 wood
3 hybrid
4 iron through sand wedge