Matching club face and path

“Perhaps the best place to start is with this fact that you are not going to hit the ball perfectly straight consistently.”

Ball Position

“it’s your golf game, your swing, and your puzzle to put together.”

Tuning Up Your Tempo

“For a long time, working on your tempo meant experimenting somewhat aimlessly with different feelings.  Now, with the help of technology like Blast Motion Golf, we can measure and quantify our tempo.”

Matching Grip to Swing

“If you ever taken a golf lesson or watched YouTube videos late into the night, tirelessly working to improve your golf game. Odds are you’ve watched more than your fair share of content about how to grip the club.”

Match Your Bag To Your Game

“As both a teaching professional and a club fitter, I am in a unique position to observe and influence a player’s game with both equipment and swing changes. Part of my teaching philosophy is the importance of having properly fitting clubs.”

Form Follows Function

“When working to improve your golf game, things need to be handled specifically and in an order.  If your main goal is lower scores, then top priority needs to be controlling where the ball goes and not improving the aesthetics of the swinging motion.”